The Phone Rope & all the times you really need it!

Yes yes, we've lived your life just fine without attaching your phone to a rope and wearing it like a purse, but that's only the case because you didn't know any better. (-: Get ready for MYRA to solve a problem you didn't even know you had. :-) After using this accessory with your phone you won't remember how you ever went through life pre cell phone necklace. We promise, that's why we'll give you a 60 day get-your-money-back policy (excluding the 2$ that we donated for girls' education). How often have you been rummaging through your purse looking for your cell phone to check it and throw it back in there, just to search for it again 10 minutes later? Lost your phone, left it somewhere, thought you lost it, accused strangers of stealing it? We've all been there. Get ready to loose it just to realize that it's actually hanging around you on a rope. But only at the very beginning - After you'll get used to it, you will never ever be looking for your phone or worried about loosing it.  If you are among the rare unicorn humans that always know where their phone is, there are still so many moments in life for you to really benefit from our crossbody cell phone cases: 
  • Experiencing something that you want to have photos of like. your kids birthday party, sightseeing on vacation, at an exhibition, in nature, sunsets at the beach, watching puppies play. There are many moments where we don't want to miss the perfect shot but we also don't wan't to walk around with our phone in our hand.
You'll never miss that perfect photo opportunity again, the MYRA phone rope is as quick as a gun holster in the wild west. BANG, BANG!  
  • There is times we don't have that extra hand to grab our phone or look for it. In our lives hands are used to ride bicycles, hold hands with our lover, type on keyboards, carry grocery bags, push strollers, be pulled by dogs on leashes or toddlers on a mission. Just be in that moment and don't waist one of your hands just on holding your phone. MYRA gives you a hand, please share what you use it for on
We really hope you enjoy our product,Please let us know what you think. We are so happy to hear about your ideas to improve it or get a message from you if you're an artist or are creating something great in your community and wish to collaborate with us! WE'RE A GANG #myrasgang